Lynch Needs Convincing Before Entertaining Gambling Expansion in NH

New Hampshire could very easily follow in the footsteps of other states around the country. Expand legalized gambling and allow for money to pour in from casino operators to help with the budget.

That will not be the case, however, according to Governor John Lynch. He has said repeatedly that he will need to see overwhelming evidence in favor of the expanded gambling before it would even be considered.

Rockingham Park in Salem has an option out on it by a Nevada group that is looking to purchase the track. The key to the sale, however, is that the group be allowed to bring in slot machines on the site. The group would also bring Thoroughbred racing back to Rockingham.

The Governor is highly concerned, as most politicians are before seeing the facts, that expanded gambling would have a negative impact on the people of New Hampshire.

“Unless I am absolutely convinced it wouldn’t have an effect on our quality of life, I wouldn’t even entertain a discussion about supporting it,” said Lynch.

The state is facing a deficit of about $50 million. The expanded gambling could bring in an additional $150 million a year in revenue, according to a study by Millennium Gaming Inc. /[;[[[[[‘]

MGM Building Hotels in China, But Not For Gambling Purposes


MGM has built some of the nicest, most innovative casino hotel resorts in the world, now they are planning to move into the market in China.

The company will get cooperation from Dubai World, the Dubai government’s holding company. The announcement came down that Dubai World will cooperate in the building of at least three hotels in the Middle East.

The cost for MGM could raise to $5.1 billion. The one thing that was left out, however, is the addition of casino gambling in the hotels.

It is questionable as to why MGM, a known casino operator, would throw that much money into a project that does not include gambling. The odds are that they are building the hotels for the future, when casino gambling could become a distinct possibility.

similar ideas have already been put into place in Florida, where many top companies have bought up land in South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale in anticipation of casino gambling eventually being legalized and regulated in the Sunshine State.

The expansion in Florida has already begun to happen. The Seminole Indians are planning for new card games Blackjack and Baccarat to be played in their casinos in Florida in the spring.

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