How To Make Money Playing Online Poker

Many people play online poker for a bit of fun and use it as a form of relaxation. This is exactly what I did to start with but I then caught the bug as I started to realise that I could make some serious money from playing online poker. In this article I will be writing about the ways in which people can make some serious cash from playing poker online, I hope the tips prove to be as beneficial for you as they have been for me.

I started to play poker on the internet about two years ago after watching a couple of programs from the world of series of poker. I was intrigued to give the game a go just to see if I could cut it etc. At the outset I found it as a great way to chill out after a hard day at work and was playing on the small stakes sit and go tables. In the first three months I probably lost around $100 but was not too bothered as it had been fun.

It was in around the fifth month that I started to make some headway and I managed to win my first major tournament, winning $250. After this success I was feeling an ever greater level of confidence in my own ability and started to believe that I could actually make some money from playing online poker.

I started to read various articles about winning strategies for playing online poker and started to practice what I had learnt on the tables.

So what are the tips to follow? Well without doubt the main thing to remember is that patience is the key. It is very easy to fall into the trap of playing around sixty percent of the hands but that will not work over the longer term. Take your time, wait for the big hands and then go for it. Raise big on hands like ace, king and ace, queen, and just limp in the small pairs hoping to see the triple on the flop.

Also you need to ensure that other players do not bully you, this is something that can easily happen. These aggressive poker players are very annoying at times but are actually quite easy to take out, again patience is the key.

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