How to play video poker (used on

These differ slightly from game to game but these are the general instructions

Choose the size of the coin you want to bet by pressing (+/-) to increase or decrease the coin size.
Select the number of coins you want to bet by choosing a column in paytable. Your total bet is the number of coins multiplied by the size of coin.

Click the deal button and your initial hand (a set of five cards) is automatically dealt.
Now it is the time to analyse your hand. You have three options: a) To hold all your cards because you have a pat hand*. b) To discard all your cards because there is no good card in your hand. c) To hold some of them and discard the rest.

To hold a card you need to click on the card and it will be highlighted as hold, to discard all of them just skip this step and press the draw button and your hand will be replaced with 5 new cards.

After you select which cards you want to hold, press draw to replace the cards you don’t intend to keep.
Now if your hand is a winner, the winning combination is highlighted on the paytable and the amount you win. On some versions you can then either collect the winning amount and add it to your balance, or risk your winnings to try and double them up. To do this click the appropriate button.

The doubling phase is different for each game. Some you simply have to guess the colour of a card drawn at random (black suit/ red suit). Others display the dealer’s card face up and you are given a choice of 5 cards (face down) and you have to pick one. The aim is to draw a card with higher value than the dealers’, if your card rank is higher then your win amount is doubled and you can double again or collect and if it is lower then you loose your winnings.
When doubling up you can normally continue doubling until you either lose or you reach the games limit for doubling, so you could win a massive amount if you are lucky!
If your hand does not have a winning combination, the game is over and you have to deal a new hand.

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